Thing to do


1. BOH Tea plantation


The Boh Tea's founder is from the UK, a gentleman named John Archibald Russell. In 1890, he, with his father engaged in the civil service to Kuala Lumpur, and in local develop their own businesses. He has engaged in the investment industry, including gum, construction and coal mining industry.

In 1927, the entrepreneurial, think tea is another, with a market potential of the industry, so they ventured to present the proposal to the local government, and later he finally get access to the development of the Cameron Highlands (Cameron Highlands), land the concession. April 23, 1929, the first Boh Tea production and cultivation area - Boh Plantation Sendirian Berhad officially announced the establishment.

2. Butterfly garden


The park has many well-known butterfly species, including the famous Raja Brooke butterfly. Visitors can be purchased from the gift shop butterfly specimens. Butterfly garden 8am - 7pm open.

3. Cactus Point


Cactus garden, with a large 20-year-old cactus: not orchid the Cheung cactus valley.

4. Lata Iskandar


Lata Iskandar popular attractions of Cameron Highlands. Is the ideal choice for picnic, relax and vacation. The waterfall is located between Tapah and Cameron Highlands.